If a dirty bomb exploded tomorrow...

us vs. us

If a dirty bomb exploded tomorrow in a major city on the east or west coast...

I would care deeply.
I would care somewhat.
I wouldn't give a shit.
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Re: If a dirty bomb exploded tomorrow...

Post by Paul Watkins » Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:12 am

Cullen wrote:Interesting, I just learned how to deal with a radiological mass casualty incident. Interestingly enough, if a dirty bomb goes off and you start puking within 30 minutes of exposure, you are dead. nothing can help you. the good news is that if you are exposed to radiation but have no open wounds, you can get off up to 95% of the beta rays (most dangerous radiation) with soap and water.

this is why i will do anything to keep you safe during the coming bongpocolypse.
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