what have you been listening to?

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Re: what have you been listening to?

Post by micah » Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:25 am

ben, you wanna buy some cult ritual 7"s?

chisel "nothing new"
chisel "8 am all day"
chisel "set you free"
anchor "singles collected"
unrestrained "s/t"
deftones "adrenaline"
s.o.a. "no policy ep"
crud is a cult "first 7" "
kick rocks "demo"
the smiths "s/t"
love of everything "ghosts and friends"
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Re: what have you been listening to?

Post by kLucius » Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:26 am

no fun wrote:Fresh downloads:

Git Some / In the Red - split
Git Some - Cosmic Rock
Melvins / Mudhoney split
The Life and Times - Magician
Nirvana - 3.9.88 World Theater Bootleg
Great Falls - Demo
Volt - Romeo KO
Medicine - Aruca

Git Some is apparently the new Planes Mistaken For Stars band. Kind of sounds like the Bronx...can't really get into it. Kind of disappointed with all of these so far except for The Life and Times which I think sounds a lot like Far / Hum, and Medicine which is total nu-gaze.

Everything else was a disappointment. Who would've thought that the Melvins covering "Symptom of the Universe" would suck?

Been meaning to acquire some stuff by the following bands. If anybody has heard any of this stuff and has endorsements or recommendations, let me know:

Pygmy Shrews
Fnu Ronnies
Total Abuse
Rusted Shut
Cult Ritual

The Cult Ritual lp is one of my favorite hardcore records in the last few years. The 7"s are pretty good but that lp is incredible, definitely check it out.

The Life and Times sounds great, ill have to check that out tonight.
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Re: what have you been listening to?

Post by hstencil » Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:50 pm

teenage fanclub, "a catholic education" cd
can, "future days" cd
coloured balls, "ball power" cd
13th floor elevators, "easter everywhere" cd
steely dan, "can't buy a thrill" lp
group inerane, "guitars from agadez vol. 3" lp
nurse with wound, "thunder perfect mind" 2lp
current 93, "thunder perfect mind" mp3s
shirley collins, "fountain of snow" mp3s
incredible bongo band, "bongo rock" mp3s
harry pussy, "let's build a pussy" and "live at wnur" mp3s
group doueh, "beatte harab" mp3s
bastro and codeine 7"
ton steine scherben, "wenn die nacht am tiefsten..." mp3s
brainbombs, "urge to kill" lp
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Re: what have you been listening to?

Post by ryandavis » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:23 pm

Men - "Immaculada" LP
Circle Pit - "Bruise Constellation" LP
John Wesley Coleman - "Bad Lady Goes to Jail" CD, "Steal My Mind" CD
Pissed Jeans - "Your Life is Worth Pissed Jeans" 7"
Pujol - "Alive at the Same Time" 7", "Blue Series" 7", "Live at Third Man" 12"
Fielded - tracks from upcoming "White Death" 7", "Terrageist" LP
Phantom Family Halo - tracks from upcoming "Mindeater" 10" collaboration
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Re: what have you been listening to?

Post by electroretard » Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:41 pm

career suicide-"attempted suicide"
bad brains-"black dots"
pink floyd-"animals"
kris kristofferson-"border lord"
lots of old hardcore...
necros-"conquest for death"
angry samoans-"back from samoa"
off!-"first ep"
rudimentary peni-"cacophony"
scientists-"blood red river"
a killer mix evan made me for my birthday with thin lizzy, crime and the city solution, daevid allen, and others.
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