Neighbor s/t

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Neighbor s/t

Post by flexyournoggin » Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:03 am

Neighbor s/t
Neighbor has released a new record which is now available via Bandcamp or CD. The self-titled release has 10 songs.
it's impressive how powerfully and rapidly the album slams open and never fucking subsides its push.

- via American Gloam

Recorded by Trip at Treehouse Audio last year, the album sees full time members Adam Kirby, Aaron Sortman, and Sean Gardner team up with Bob Scott on a couple of tracks. It starts off heavy and never lets up, with pouding, driving drums at just the right tempo as to not feel rushed nor feel complacent and guitar/bass tones fleshing out the distortion-heavy volume worship that has formed many local band's sounds the past 10 years or so. A couple of spots remind me of some earlier Lords material, which I mean, and which I'd hope they'd take, as a compliment.

Neighbor will be playing a release show TONIGHT with Anwar Sadat at Z-Bar. Also playing will be Rogue Vogue from Chicago and the OK DeeJays presumably after the bands.

Neighbor is a heavy band with some heavy thoughts on their mind.

- Peter Berkowitz via LEO
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