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Site updates

Post by flexyournoggin » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:18 pm

Site updates? The fuck is that?

I started updating software (!@$*(% PHP) earlier today, took a bunch of shit down accidentally, put the old shit back up. For security and potential future updates I'm going to give it another shot over the next week or so. Likely outcomes:

* Forums will be down for a while, then back up without the customized theme. I'm going to have to code a new theme as the newer software doesn't give a fuck what I made 8 years ago.
* On the plus side, new shit should hopefully be responsive so it'll work on yer smarty phones.
* History wiki will almost certainly be down for a bit. I don't know what the theme status will be once it comes back up, probably the same as forums where I'll need to code up a new theme.
* I don't really have time to design anything new so anything new code wise will probably look pretty similar.
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