Babylon Dance Band, in motion

Discussion regarding the History of our town's punk/hc/indie scene.
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Babylon Dance Band, in motion

Post by maxson » Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:07 am

One thing that's always sort of stunk about the very early years of the Louisville scene is the paucity of documentation. Couple disks of vinyl hinting at longer tape; photographs sort of smelling of sweat. But moving pictures, forget it! There's the famous Endtables LSA video, 8mm scraps of the Dickbrains...

About 25 years ago, my wife and I made our annual Derby pilgrimage back to the Bluegrass. We had a few days in Lexington (her people) and wound up at the old Cut Corner Records. In the dusty basement vinyl bins I scored a mint unsealed copy of my own damn LP for the original stickered retail price of $4.99. I joked about it with the young kid running the register, who turned out to be surprisingly in-the-know about the auld Lex/Lou scenes. Turned out he was friends or roommates with Brian Moore, dude who played bass in The Thrusters. "He's got this great video of the Babylon Dance Band playing at the Carver Center." What? Video of the Babs?!! "Man, I'd really love to see that."

Only took a quarter of a century for it to finally get into Tara Key's hands. If you enjoy, you might want to stay in touch with the Antietamnyc channel as I'm sure there's more to come. Here are the first three postings. Motherfuckin' enjoy!

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